Plastic Punch

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Plastic Punch in collaboration with Alheri Games.

Plastic monsters from the sea are becoming a menace. Punch these plastic monsters and save the island from pollution. A fun and engaging hypercasual game. Get on the Play Store

Build My Car

You have an axle and four sets of rims. Build your car by picking its different parts along the road. Beware though, the road obstacles might just cause you to lose the precious pieces you have selected. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it’s a runner.

Border Security

In the game, as a Border Security Cop, your job is to scan each vehicle and stop the illegal movements of goods and people across the border. Ensure you bust everyone doing something illegal.



Delivery Truck

Fun and engaging game where you load a vehicle with goods, and drive safely to the delivery point whilst avoiding road obstacles


Air Marshal

Fly, avoid obstacles and win the race.

A fast-paced flying game where you avoid obstacles hit opponents off course and race to the finish line. Air Marshal Pro is a fun, engaging and addictive, hyper-casual racing game.